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Who we are:

Within this document ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services Limited.

We are part of the Severn Trent Group

Correspondence address:  PO Box 10155, Nottingham, NG1 9HQ


Telephone:  0115 971 3550 (Mon – Thu 9am – 5pm, Fri 9am – 4.30pm)

Registered office:  Severn Trent Centre, 2 St John’s Street, Coventry, CV1 2LZ


Privacy policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and We therefore ask that you please read this Privacy policy before providing Us with any Personal information.

We may change Our marketing & data storage policy in the future.

Your information

We will record the information you provide to Us if you write, email or telephone about the content of this website or to enquire about the business partners and links to, or from, the Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services Limited website.

The information which We record, will not be used for marketing purposes.

Your permission

As We have not directly asked or received your permission, to be contacted for marketing purposes, any marketing you received from Severn Trent companies will not be from any contact you have made to Us to this website.


  • If you are a customer of Our partners or Our group companies you may already be receiving marketing or introduction literature using a Severn Trent brand logo.
  • If you contact Our partners or Our group companies by any other means than through this website, or are already their customer or subsequently become their customer, you may be contacted for marketing purposes unless you inform them otherwise.
  • We or Our partners or Group companies may on occasion obtain Personal information from external sources such as organisations which sell lists of Personal data. We or Our partners may use this information for the purposes of marketing and ancillary purposes.
  • If you leave this site via a link to visit Our partners website or to visit Our group companies, you will become subject to their terms and conditions, and their privacy and cookie policies, and you may also be contacted by those partners or Group companies for marketing purposes, subject to the normal rules and regulations relating to data share.
Our use of personal information
  • Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services Limited (STRUS), of 30-34 Hounds Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7AB (please see Our Terms of Use for full company details) and such other organisations which assist Us in responding to you, or providing services to you, will use information about you (‘Personal information’).

Reasons personal data is shared

  • Contact information is sometimes shared with HomeServe Membership Limited (HomeServe), who have been carefully selected to provide access to affinity insurance products for Severn Trent Water customers who may need assistance to minimise the loss of water, and for problems on their private water and drainage systems and other risks which may affect their home.
  • We may also share contact information with Severn Trent Water and/or HomeServe to investigate a complaint, to help to resolve a problem or query, or if it is appropriate and We are asked for assistance by you or either of those companies, or to ensure that you are not sent marketing introductions in future.
  • Introducing a company such as HomeServe supports your individual responsibility to take action and repair customer side leaks and ensure that water is not lost unduly. It also gives you the opportunity to consider taking out insurance cover or make other preparations for those unexpected water and drainage related instances which can occur in the home. Communication in this way also those customers who are not already aware, know that, as a homeowner or landlord they are responsible for water and drainage pipes and apparatus which may be outside the main home and lie underground, and in the case of the water supply pipe may be shared with neighbours and cross private land.

Who receives personal data

  • Severn Trent Water share your information with carefully selected partners, and together We may introduce you to water related services (by direct mail, bill insert, phone, email or SMS) that We think you’ll find interesting, and this includes Our affinity insurance partner, HomeServe Membership Limited (HomeServe).
  • You may be asked if you wish to speak to HomeServe after Severn Trent Water have assisted you with a telephone enquiry. If you don’t wish to be contacted for this purpose, please let Severn Trent Water know during your call, or let Us know. If you decide to engage with or purchase a product or service from one of Our partners, including HomeServe, the way in which they use your personal data is their responsibility only, and details will be set out in their own privacy notice. Please ensure that you read and are happy with such notices.
  • If you need to provide Us with special categories of Personal information you consent to Us processing this information, where necessary, for the purposes described above.
What other instances might we disclose your Personal information to others?

We may disclose your Personal information to others in the following circumstances:

  • Where We are required to do so by the Courts or to comply with other legal obligations including accounting and taxation requirements; To detect and/or prevent crime; Monitoring
  • Please note that if you communicate with Us electronically, including by e-mail, telephone or fax, this communication may be randomly monitored or recorded to protect the interests of Our business and Our customers. This includes for the purposes of maintaining high quality standards, training purposes, crime detection and/or prevention and to ensure that Our employees comply with legal obligations and Our policies and procedures (including customer relations practices).

As you may be aware, no data transmission over the internet can be entirely secure. As a result, while we will use reasonable endeavours to protect your Personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of your Personal information and the use of the Site (including a contact form or email facility) is at your own risk.

Your rights and choices

Your rights

By providing Us with personal data, you have consented to Us handling it for the purposes mentioned. If you would like to change the way We are able to contact you, you can simply email us with your request.

You have the following rights under the UK data protection law. These rights include:

  • (i) Right to Access your Personal Data
    You can request a copy of the information We hold about you.
    The simplest way to do this is to email or write to Us:
    SAR Officer, Severn Trent Water, 2 St John’s Street, Coventry, CV1 2LZ
    Email us:
  • (ii) Right to Rectification
    You have the right to question any information We have about you that you think is wrong or incomplete. Please contact us if you want to do this.
    If you do, we will take reasonable steps to check its accuracy and correct it.
  • (iii) Right to Object
    You can request that your personal data is not processed for specific purposes such as direct marketingWe’re keen to promote efficient water use and Severn Trent Water or Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services Limited may send you offers or make you aware of products that help with this. Also, from time to time We may tell you about other offers We think may interest you.We may do this, or We may share your information with carefully selected partners who offer services or products that we think you may be interested in.If you don’t want to receive such offers at all, please let Us know – you can email Us or call Us on 0115 971 3550 email:
  • (iv) Right to be Informed
    You can ask for details of how We process your personal data, as covered by this Privacy Notice
  • (v) Right of Erasure
    You can request the deletion or removal of personal data where there is no reason for its continued processing. This right is also known as the “Right to be Forgotten”
  • (vi) Right to Restrict Processing
    You can request that no further processing of the personal data We have previously collected occurs.
    Please be aware that there may be circumstances when We are unable to complete your request. If this is ever the case, We will inform you of the reason and provide details of how you can register a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office if you believe We have got this wrong.Complaints

    Please let us know if you are unhappy with how we have used your personal information. You can contact Us at

    Severn Trent Retail & Utility Services Limited, 2nd Floor, 30-34 Hounds Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7AB

    Email: or

    Call: 0115 971 3550

    You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Find out on their website how to report a concern.

Changes to this policy

We request that you refer to the site on a regular basis to ensure that you are aware of Our most recent policies (including this Privacy policy) and terms of use of the site.

If you have any questions, or want more details about how we use your personal information, you can ask us.

Email to:
Write to: Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services Limited, 2nd Floor, 30-34 Hounds Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7AB

Call: 0115 971 3550

Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of text which attaches to your hard drive and can store and sometimes track information about how you make use of a website.

How we use cookies

We track how visitors arrive at our website and then track how the visitor travels through our website, what pages are visited, how long they stay, whether they have visited us before, and their general location, but we still won’t know who the visitor is or anything about them.

We also track how visitors leave our website.

What else do you need to know?

If visitors leave this website to go via a link to a third party, this third-party website may use cookies to track the visit. Please see the cookie policy for that site.

Our website stores limited information in the form of cookies in accordance with the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications.

We have no control over third party website cookies.

How to remove cookies

A visitor can usually opt out or disable cookies in several ways. However, depending how this is done, it may affect the functionality of a website and the way it can be viewed in future.

You can:

  • Remove cookies from your hard drive
  • Set your browser to block cookies
  • Set your browser to send you a warning notices before a cookie is stored on your computer.

This can vary depending on your browser and its current version i.e. Internet Explorer 8. Below are the links for disabling cookies on the four main browsers.

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