About us

Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services Limited is part of the Severn Trent Group, which includes Severn Trent Water.

Where ‘we’ and ‘us’ appears on this page, it refers to Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services Limited.

We manage the relationship between Severn Trent Water and HomeServe Membership Limited (HomeServe).

We also deal with customer queries which can arise in relation to the activity introducing HomeServe, and ensure any marketing materials and other communications are compliant, as well as being clear and not misleading.

Some homeowners may not be aware of their private responsibilities until something happens. For information about private pipe responsibilities please visit:

Severn Trent does not sell the insurance policies available through HomeServe. You may have other arrangements or insurance policies in place which provide similar cover. Please check these periodically to ensure they continue to meet your needs. There is no pressure to take out the cover options being introduced, but if you decide that products and services available through HomeServe do suit your current needs then all policy payments are made direct to HomeServe.

Who we introduce

HomeServe provide insurance products that may be beneficial to homeowners and landlords in the event of a water or drainage related incident or emergency inside and outside the home.

HomeServe offer insurance options to cover home emergencies which include a leak on your water supply pipe to a blocked drain outside, plus a range of other household related products and services for homeowners and landlords.  Please visit the HomeServe product pages for more information on some of the policies available.

Who regulates us

This insurance introduction activity is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)