Plumbing Cover for Flats

Plumbing cover for flats, through HomeServe, will give peace of mind in the event of an emergency such as blocked sinks or burst pipes.  When the unexpected happens, with this cover you can be rest assured that a HomeServe plumbing engineer will be on hand to help.

Who is eligible for this policy

People who are homeowners

People who live in flats or apartments

Landlords or tenants

Houses or bungalows

What is covered?
  • Toilet/tank overflows
  • Repair a toilet that doesn’t flush
Main Exclusions
  • Drains or pipes that are not your responsibility
  • Loss of heating and or hot water
  • Showers

Further information
If you are the homeowner you are generally responsible for the repair of the water supply pipe from your property boundary up to where it enters your home. In some cases, the water supply pipe responsibility may be outside the property boundary or shared with neighbouring properties.

If there is a leak on your water supply pipe it is usually the homeowner’s legal responsibility to repair it. It’s important to repair leaks as soon as possible, so for details including Severn Trent Waters customer leak support service, please visit