HomeServe Cover 8

HomeServe Cover 8 is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers a wide-range of problems, such as gas boiler breakdowns, burst pipes, blocked drains and faulty electrics.

All new customers will receive a Boiler Health Check to ensure your boiler is safe and can be covered within this policy.  If your boiler is beyond economical repair after 6 months of being a policy holder and is less than 7 years old, HomeServe will replace it for free.

You can also choose to pay an excess with each claim to keep your monthly premiums down.

Who is eligible for this policy

People who are homeowners

People who live in houses or bungalows

Homes heated with natural gas

Landlords or tenants

Flats or mobile homes

Homes heated by electric heating

What is covered?
  • Repairs to your homes gas central heating system, including the boiler, controls, radiator tanks, immersion heaters and hot water cylinder
  • A noisy boiler
  • Repair your homes plumbing system and your water supply pipe if you are responsible
  • Unblocking your homes drains (within your property boundary)
  • Repair broken locks or replace keys
  • Removal of pests
Main Exclusions
  • Household appliances
  • Showers
  • Any pest outside of the home other than a wasp/hornet nest
  • Guttering
  • Soakaways
  • Chimney repairs

Other information
If you are the homeowner you are generally responsible for the repair of the water supply pipe from your property boundary up to where it enters your home. In some cases, the water supply pipe responsibility may be outside the property boundary or shared with neighbouring properties.

If there is a leak on your water supply pipe it is usually the homeowner’s legal responsibility to repair it. It’s important to repair leaks as soon as possible, so for details including Severn Trent Waters customer leak support service, please visit